Not Emu, Emunah.

Emunah sounds Australian doesn’t it?  Well it’s not.  It is the Hebrew word that is often translated into English as “faith”.  However it means so much more then the Greek meaning of Pistis (faith).  The word pistis’ primary meaning is to agree with the truth of a certain idea.  Emunah contains the concept of persistence.  When Moses raised his hands all day until the Israelites won the battle it was said that his hands remained emunah (steady).  In Deuteronomy God is described as being emunah – keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations.  

The Greater Sydney Conference has created a space called INSPIRE for members, leaders and would be leaders to grow in their emunah (holding fast to God no matter what) and their pistis (believing in biblical truths).  If either or both of these are important to you then INSPIRE is for you.

Contributed by Rodney Woods, Director of Trust Services