Late last year, Wahroonga Adventist School relocated Grades 3-6 to the new school location at 181 Fox Valley Road, as part of the planned expansion to a high school.

“We are so pleased to see our older primary students on the new site,” said Wahroonga Adventist School Principal, Michelle Streatfeild. “They are very excited to see their new school space, and at being the first students to learn on the new site. They are thrilled at being the pioneers!”

The Grade 3-6 classes will continue to be accommodated in modular buildings until permanent buildings are constructed for the primary, middle and high schools. In addition to the current classrooms, the new school site already has an outdoor playing area, including a grassed section, as well as an administration space. Prep-Grade 2 classes will continue to use the original school facilities on Fox Valley Road, which is only 600m from the new site.

Mrs Streatfeild expressed thanks on behalf of the school community to the church members of Greater Sydney for their very generous gifts and offerings, which is helping to support the school’s growth. “We received more than $11,000 from the last offering for our school, and we are just so overwhelmed. We just want to say thank you so much to all the Sydney churches for their generosity toward our school,” she said.