Colleen and CheriCheri Peters recently spent a week with us on Norfolk Island, and presented a series of talks in the Parkland Estate Hall on Thursday and Friday evenings, as well as on Sabbath morning and afternoon.  

Cheri was very much appreciated, as she told the story of her journey from a very unhappy childhood to ten years on the streets of Los Angeles as a heroin addict and finally a fulfilled Christian in recovery, proclaiming God’s great mercy and miraculous healing.  60 (with about 25 church members) people attended the meetings, which exceeded our expectations.

Cheri was quite busy during her time on Norfolk Island.  She took our Tuesday evening programme at the church, met with the local Alcoholics Anonymous leader,  addressed the elderly in the hospital, spoke to the Women’s Auxiliary and the Ministers’ Fraternal and gave two radio interviews.  There is no doubt the island knew that she was here!

Cheri loved the peaceful and beautiful Norfolk Island; she had time to relax, walk in nature and swim in the lovely Emily Bay.  She said she would like to return with her husband someday for another visit.  We here on the island are very satisfied with her initial visit and the interest it has stirred.

In fact, this week we are starting the structured 14 week follow-up programme, “Celebrating Life in Recovery”.  Colleen has worked with Cheri and ran this programme in Auckland a number of times, with great success.  There is a small number of people who have stated an interest in attending, and hopefully this will grow over time.  There will be an evening session on Thursdays for those who work during the day, as well as a daytime session for the older folks who do not want to venture out at night. The idea is to form a tight friendship circle in which all will feel free to share, heal and get rid of excess baggage.  The goal is not to try and fix people’s problems, but to introduce them to the One who is able to transform their lives.

Please pray for success in this new venture!

Contributed by Dion Fourie, Pastor of Norfolk Island Church