Fountain Marrickville recently ran a ten-week Depression Seminar followed up with a ten-night presentation of the Prophetic Code by pastors Lyle Southwell and Duane Haora. Wayne and Maria were baptised following the presentations. Here are inserts from Maria and Wayne’s testimonies:

Maria: “I was raised as a Catholic but I was never satisfied. I have been very curious about God and the Bible. Following my son’s death, the emptiness inside me grew very deep and I found myself with no purpose in living. No more dreams, no more hope, and no more happiness. I had two options, live or die. I decided to live and to live with God and for God. I went to the Prophetic Code presentations and learnt more about the Bible. Each session made me want to know more. The presentations were very helpful and everyone there was very friendly.

I’m enjoying myself again since I found Christ. I always had faith but now

I’m on the right track. I’m like a young child, learning about the Bible and growing to become mature in my faith. At times I’m afraid that I’m not good enough but I know Jesus is enough, He is all I need! I look forward to one day in heaven, being with Christ and with my son and to have the happiness that we (my son and I) never had.”

Wayne: “I was born into a family with a religious background, we attended church every Sunday. I was confirmed at the age of 10 and served as an alter boy until I was 13. We attended church every week going through the same “scripted” ceremony without learning anything about the Bible.

Religion became less of a part in my life when I started high school. Initially, sport that took first priority in my life then as I got older, I was enticed by maths and science which led me to the evolution theory.

I attended the Prophetic Code at the request of Maria who had recently lost her only son and was having difficulty coping with the loss. However, after the first two presentations I was captivated and curious. I realised that after all the years I attended church I had no understanding of the Bible.

The Prophetic Code helped me begin to understand the Bible. It has changed my life.”