Drs. Claudio and Pam Consuegra presented two days of family ministry talks and seminars for the Greater Sydney Conference on the 13th and 14th of March 2015Family Ministries.  The topics ranged from maintaining healthy marriages to family happiness and loving parenting.  

Friday evening featured a small group that interacted over the topic of Almost Happily Ever After: How Marriages Fail or Succeed.  Sabbath morning the couple presented a sermon entitled The Best Gift and Sabbath afternoon a seminar was presented on Parenting Kids for the Kingdom.

Dr. Claudio Consuegra is a Pastor and Family Ministries Director for the North American Division.  He has also been a law enforcement chaplain (CMC) and critical stress management specialist, assisting at Ground Zero at 9/11. Dr. Pam Consuegra has served as an Adventist teacher, principal and superintendent at schools, and with Claudio hosted a live call-in show for LifeTalk radio for three years called “Love for a Lifetime.”  She serves alongside Claudio as Family Ministries Director for the North American Division.