“And the Lord is with him.”  1 Samuel 16:18 NIV

Have you ever prepared a resume?  You carefully weigh up which segment of your past will most impress your prospective employer.  What should you highlight?  Is it your hard earned MBA or your 15 years experience in similar employment?  Maybe your charming personality or the university or school you attended?

King Saul was in a terrible mood.  Everything seemed to be going wrong.  He had destroyed the Amalekites but had kept the sheep and oxen.  It made sense, didn’t it?  More cattle meant more sacrifices.  Yet the prophet Samuel didn’t see Saul’s direct disobedience that way and condemned his actions.

Saul was depressed as he knew he was losing his grip on God.  There had to be a way to calm his troubled spirit.  “We’ll find a good harpist to play for you.  The music will soothe your spirit.”  As Saul’s attendants suggested various celebrated musicians, one recommended David.  “Jesse of Bethlehem has a son who can play the harp, a fine musician.  Not only that, he’s a brave man, a warrior.  You’d really like him.  He’s a polished public speaker and has good judgement.  Handsome as well.  Your type of man.”

Impressive qualifications?  Just the information that you’d like to have in your resume if you were applying for a position as royal harpist.  After reciting these characteristics the attendant then added “What’s more, the Lord is with him.”

David’s relationship with his God must have been so obvious that it had to be included in his resume.  It was that important.  “The Lord is with him.”  Wouldn’t you like to have that on your resume?  I would.  Ken Long.  Business adviser and the Lord is with him.  Gives you a warm and secure feeling.  A confident assurance that God is leading in your life.  That no matter what hurdles you face that “all things will work together for good.”

Try it.  Say you name and occupation and then add “and the Lord is with him.”  Your life will never be the same again.

Contributed by Ken Long