City2Surf2015Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

With funds still coming in, thirty generous City2Surf donors generously emptied their pockets by giving over $3,200 in support of the ADRA Community Centre, Blacktown. Malcolm Rea, ADRA Director for the Greater Sydney Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, was elated at the overwhelming support he received and said, “The generosity of donors is a tribute to work that our Blacktown team do for some of the poorest people in Western Sydney.” Other runners also raised funds for ADRA but, as the fundraising is still open, it is too early to know what the total sponsorship amounted.

Malcolm says a hearty, “Thanks to all my sponsors; particularly to those who gave anonymously depriving me of the pleasure of thanking you personally!”

Contributed by Malcolm Rae, Director of ADRA at Greater Sydney Conference