Adventist Women’s Conference was above and beyond what we imagined it would be.  Organisers prayed and hoped for a spiritual experience but were surprised at just how deeply spiritual it was.

There were many meaningful spontaneous moments throughout the weekend where women shared and were prayed for, moments of rejoicing as women shared their praise reports.  Beryl Kay-Sewell (94 yrs old) was honoured for her dedication and passion to serving others.  The Prayer Support team surrounded recently baptised women as everyone leaned in for special prayer over them.  Partners in Ministry were recognised and affirmed and also covered with prayer – some perhaps for the first time in their ministry journey.

The “all girl” band led the women in inspiring worship sessions through songs of praise.  God has certainly blessed our young women abundantly with great talent and they used it to His glory.

Speaker Raquel Arrais spoke powerfully of the love of a God, who chooses us and takes us and blesses us and breaks us and then gives us!  The catch phrase was “we are now ARMED AND DANGEROUS” for Jesus Christ.

The Prayer room aptly named “the OASIS”, located in the beautifully transformed Chapel, with views of the ocean and a cosy fireplace setting.  100 chairs were not enough for the morning devotion sessions with Aleta Bainbridge.  At 5 am on Sabbath morning, around 40 women met in the OASIS for the special Anointing service facilitated by the Prayer Support Team.

This year ADRA Centre Blacktown was chosen to be the recipient of the BREATHE special project offering – women were moved to compassion as a client of the ADRA Centre Blacktown testified in person of the amazing services that this centre provides.   Attendees gave generously.  A total of $5 200 was given.  In addition, the women filled just over 200 pamper packs with toiletry items they donated.  The pamper packs will go to the homeless women of Sydney.  Amazing things happen when women gather who are up to the challenge to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

The Conference offered a balanced program with group physical activity on Sunday morning – Boot Camp for the young and fit, a beach walk for the less agile and a gentle stretch class for the less energetic.

35 women took advantage of the BREATHE 2014 Conference Special rate and registered immediately for next year’s Conference!!

What more can we say but that God showed up and we experienced His presence!!