Adventurer TrainingAdventurer Clubs are an important way that the Adventist Church creates community and provides ways for kids to learn about Jesus. 

On Sabbath afternoon, the 7th of February, 34 people gathered for Adventurer Training at the Greater Sydney Conference office. Raul Moran, Associate Youth Director, describes the training as an opportunity “to equip our volunteers with knowledge and resources that will help them lead out effectively in their local Adventurer clubs.”

The training covered topics, such as Adventurer Developmental Traits, Teaching Methods and other discussions that were aimed at helping volunteers, teachers and directors feel confident on how to run a class, reach the children and point them to Jesus.  This is especially important because a key element of Adventurers is presenting the story of Jesus in ways children can understand and have fun with.

The training afternoon was also an opportunity to connect.  Volunteers, teachers and directors were able to meet their district directors as well as leaders of other churches.

There will be two additional Adventurer Training days this year: one in March and the other in July.  Parents, who are interested, can get involved with Adventurers by registering through the local church and obtaining a Working With Children Check to clear them for the classes and activities. Churches interested in starting their own club should first get approval from their local church board then contact the Youth Department who will send out an Interest Package with all the appropriate forms that need to be filled out to register the club.

Many exciting things are planned for Adventurer clubs this year, including the Adventurer Fun Day, Adventurer Rally and the Adventurer Camporee.  Each program provides a unique way to build community within local clubs and with members of other clubs.  It also provides a way where Adventurers can have loads of fun through activities and games.