Although John Finey, of Tahmoor Adventist Church, turns 80 next month, he just could not get his hands of his ADRA “Knocktober” supplies quickly enough this year. While bush fires raged all around, he just kept ploughing on day after day toward the $10,000 goal he normally collects every year. In his grinning Ozzie drawl he called the office and “apologized,” “We have already reached our goal. But there is just too much money out here. Can I please have more receipt books?” He then used the extras and called back a week later asking for more! When he totaled up the funds collected it amounted to over $12,000. Unbelievable! When asked about how he does it he modestly replied, “I cannot do anything without Jesus. I make it a serious matter of prayer every day.”

Congratulations and thank-you, John!