The 2018 “Community Engagement” Opportunity

Largely untapped, ADRA’s Knocktober Appeal provides an excellent “community engagement”* opportunity. Not only can it provide a one-on-one introduction to church neighbors but it is a ready-made vehicle for a humanitarian partnership.

The term “Knocktober” Appeal was introduced because door-knocking is still the most effective way of collecting for ADRA’s Annual Appeal. Yes, it may be a little intimidating if you have not done it before but, partnering with an experienced collector turns the stress into “fun draising.”

The following formulae turns the Appeal into a great morale booster for your whole church.

1/        Plan ahead and appoint a committee to oversee church initiatives.

2/        Set aside an afternoon and have the church family pray for two weeks beforehand.

3/        Divide the church in three: one group stays back at the church prays and prepares refreshments to be shared when collectors return; the collectors pair up unexperienced with seasoned “knocktobitors.” If churches have Pathfinders send an adult with each but encourage the Pathfinder to do the talking.

4/        Return to the church, count your takings and listen to the excited buzz of your church celebrating God’s goodness to his people. Team competition can add to the fun.

5/        Feast on the refreshments and enjoy a social evening together.

This united church approach involves everyone, strengthens church cohesion and lifts waning morale in a tired church community.

Up for the challenge?

Just do it!

Malcolm Rea

*Church engagement is one of the five focus areas identified at our 2018 Think Tank and endorsed by GSC directors