On 4 April 2018, ACA Health Benefit Fund, a Private Health Insurance company which solely exists to benefit the health and well-being of Seventh-day Adventist Church employees and their families, announced that the fund is now available to Local Church Officers.

ACA Health has been supporting the work(ers) of God for 84 years. With this announcement, Local Church Officers and their family members can join ACA Health.

“We are thrilled to now offer Local Church Officers and their families our products,” said Jody Burgoyne, ACA Health’s Fund Manager. “We work hard to continually provide our members with value-for-money health cover at a great price.”

ACA Health offer a range of Hospital and Extras products within the market. ACA Health are committed to its members and its values:

  • Unbeatable Extras – We listen to our member when they tell us what is most important to them
  • Members First – Our interactions and service will exceed expectations
  • Ethics before Profits – We will be fair and do the right thing every time
  • Supporting Each Other – We will support each other to get the job done and meet our goals

The company also offer the community and its member’s access to comparisons within the market to find the best fit policy.

This year ACA Health’s premium increase came in at 1.23% lower than the industry average of 3.95%. In the 2017 financial year ACA Health Benefits Fund paid $22.2 million in benefits to members. ACA Health pay higher benefits per service than the industry in most ancillary areas.

About ACA Health Benefits Fund: ACA Health is Private Health Insurance Company based in Wahroonga, NSW. Founded in 1934, ACA Health has designed competitive products which services over 5,000 members nationally. ACA Health has an impressive 99% member satisfaction from surveys performed from Discovery Australia.

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ACA Health Insurance: Members First, Last & Only