31 July 2021


7 August 2021

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    Young Adults

    World Changers Bible & Leadership School 2021-Take 2

    27 August 2021 - 29 August 2021
    Crosslands Youth & Convention Centre
    100 Crosslands Road
    Galston, NSW 2159



    A World Changer is a disciple of Jesus on a journey to becoming more like Jesus in every way. It’s someone who seeks to live as a disciple, who makes more disciples. World Changers Bible and Leadership School is all about creating world changing disciples.


    COVID-19 Update

    We are very sorry that we couldn’t continue the camp we started this weekend gone. But, we have good news!

     We are happy to announce that we are planning to run “World Changers Bible and Leadership Weekend – Take 2” from August 27-29 – Friday night, Saturday, Sunday. Basically, we plan to take off where we left. We did talk about Zoom, but we think this will be a lot more beneficial and enjoyable for all to come back in person.

    Here are important details.


    This event is for young people 16+.



    This 4-day weekend intensive will focus on how to connect with Jesus, how to study the Bible in its original context, how to understand and share your Adventist Faith, and how to lead with confidence in a local Church setting. We believe God is rising up a movement of young disciples in our nation, to expand His Kingdom, and change the world. Will you be one of them?

    For more information, download The 2020 World Changers Bible & Leadership School Brochure CLICK HERE.

    Course details

    • Early Bird: $120 – Before May 3.
    • Standard Rate: $150. Registration closes on June 11.
    1. Those who attended the camp 25-28 June 2021 will get first priority to the available spots.

    2. If by the time August 27-29 comes round there are more spots available under the COVID rules (basically we can fit more people), those who registered last time, but weren’t able to come will get priority to these spots. If any left after that we will open up to others.

     Over this weekend we will look at seven main things: 

    1. How to Connect with Jesus 
    2. How to Lead a Person to Jesus 
    3. How to be an Influential Leader 
    4. Adventism in 2021
    5. Faith in 2021
    6. How to Connect with the Community 
    7. How to Run a Life Group


    You will be staying in shared rooms with about 8 bunk beds in each. Toilets and showers will be available in the rooms. This is covered by your registration fee. Camp deans will be looking after our 16 + demographic for the weekend.


    Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are covered by your registration fee, beginning with a Celebration Dinner on Friday night (June 25) and ending with a Farewell Lunch (June 28). Be sure to let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.

    About the Location

    Crosslands Youth & Convention Centre is located just one hour north of Sydney’s CBD. Crosslands is a picturesque location embedded in nature, and is the perfect place to connect with God.



    27 August 2021 - 29 August 2021


    Crosslands Youth & Convention Centre
    100 Crosslands Road
    Galston, NSW 2159




    Pr Eddie Hypolite

    Keynote Speaker

    Pr Eddie Hypolite is an internationally known and sought after preacher, motivational speaker, and leadership consultant. He’s been in Pastoral ministry for 18 years and has a masters degree in Theological and Sociological studies.

    Pr Eddie and his family live in NSW Australia.

    Pr Lachlan Campbell

    Keynote Speaker

    Pr Lachlan Campbell is a Bible teacher and church planter from the Sunshine Coast. He currently leads Overflow Community Church and is passionate about empowering people to genuine disciples of Jesus.

    Pr Lachlan is married to his lovely wife Cathy.

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