30 October 2021


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6 November 2021

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    Young Adults

    World Changers Bible & Leadership School 2021 – Free

    7 August 2021 - 16 October 2021



    A World Changer is a disciple of Jesus on a journey to becoming more like Jesus in every way. It’s someone who seeks to live as a disciple, who makes more disciples. World Changers Bible and Leadership School is all about creating world changing disciples.

    This now an 11-week program on Zoom.


    COVID-19 Update

    We are very sorry that we couldn’t continue the camp we started this weekend gone. But, we have good news!

     We are happy to announce that we are planning to run “World Changers Bible and Leadership Weekend – Take 2” from August 27-29 – Friday night, Saturday, Sunday. Basically, we plan to take off where we left. We did talk about Zoom, but we think this will be a lot more beneficial and enjoyable for all to come back in person.

    Here are important details.


    This event is for young people 16+.



    This 11-week program on Zoom will focus on how to connect with Jesus, how to study the Bible in its original context, how to understand and share your Adventist Faith, and how to lead with confidence in a local Church setting. We believe God is rising up a movement of young disciples in our nation, to expand His Kingdom, and change the world. Will you be one of them?

    For more information, download The 2020 World Changers Bible & Leadership School Brochure CLICK HERE.

    Course details

    We have Keynote Speakers: Pr Eddie Hypolite, Pr Lachlan Campbell, Pr Brett Townend, and more.

    Topics covered:

    1. How to Connect with Jesus 
    2. How to connect with Jesus
    3. How to lead people to Jesus
    4. How to be an influential leader
    5. How to defend your faith – Apologetics
    6. Key Adventist Beliefs
    7. How to serve the community

    Schedule – UPDATED

    Download the revised schedule here.

    About the program

    World Changers Online will happen through Zoom and will be comprised of two sessions per week over the course of several weeks – one on Saturday afternoon and one on Friday evening.

    The Saturday afternoon session will be where the topic is presented (this will include a weekly challenge that we can journey together on) and the Friday night session will be a group debrief and chat to discuss how we went through the week. We believe this will be a great thing as we journey through lockdown together!

    We plan to start this on Saturday the 7th of August at 4 – 5 pm (that’s next Saturday). The First Friday night session is set to run on Friday the 13th of August at 7-8 pm. A full schedule is attached.



    7 August 2021 - 16 October 2021






    Pr Eddie Hypolite

    Keynote Speaker

    Pr Eddie Hypolite is an internationally known and sought after preacher, motivational speaker, and leadership consultant. He’s been in Pastoral ministry for 18 years and has a masters degree in Theological and Sociological studies.

    Pr Eddie and his family live in NSW Australia.

    Pr Lachlan Campbell

    Keynote Speaker

    Pr Lachlan Campbell is a Bible teacher and church planter from the Sunshine Coast. He currently leads Overflow Community Church and is passionate about empowering people to genuine disciples of Jesus.

    Pr Lachlan is married to his lovely wife Cathy.

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