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    10 Days of Prayer

    5 January 2022 - 15 January 2022

    Start 2022 right and join millions of believers around the world for the upcoming 10 Days of Prayer – January 5-15, 2022.

    We believe prayer is the birthplace of revival. God has worked so many miracles in past years as we have sought Him together in prayer and fasting. The Holy Spirit has brought about conversions, renewed passion for evangelism, revived churches, and healed relationships.

    Who this event is for

    Anyone who wants to participate.

    Whether you’re new to faith or a life-long learner, you’ll be able to follow along and gain something to strengthen your walk. Participate alone, with family, or with friends. It’s completely up to you


    This year we invite you to seek revival and reformation through the power of the Holy Spirit during Ten Days of Prayer. As you pray through the three angels’ messages, may they shine with new relevance and lead you and your prayer group into a deeper experience with Jesus.

    Available resources

    • FOR LEADERS Guidelines
    • INTRODUCTION Welcome to Ten Days of Prayer 2022
    • OPTIONAL A Night of Prayer
    • OPTIONAL Outreach Challenge
    • SUPPLEMENT Bible Promises to Claim in Prayer
    • CHILDREN’S MATERIALS Daily Resources for Kids
    • PRAYER World Church Prayer Requests
    • PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS Everything you need to promote 10 Days of Prayer at your church

    Numerous translations available!


    • DAY 1 The Urgency of Prayer
    • DAY 2 The Everlasting Gospel and Prayer
    • DAY 3 God’s Mission and Prayer, Part 1
    • DAY 4 God’s Mission and Prayer, Part 2
    • DAY 5 The Obedient Lifestyle and Prayer
    • DAY 6 Confidence in the Judgment and Prayer
    • DAY 7 The Three Angels’ Messages, the Sabbath, and Prayer
    • DAY 8 The Fall of Babylon and Prayer
    • DAY 9 The Mark of the Beast and Prayer
    • DAY 10 God’s People, the Remnant, and Prayer
    • SABBATH CELEBRATION The Three Angels’ Call To Prayer

    How to participate

    Visit the official website button to follow along. Share and discuss on the Sydney Adventist Facebook page.

    To participate with the Greater Sydney Conference group, send an email to Beryl at [email protected] to be added to the 10 Days of Prayer daily email list.


    5 January 2022 - 15 January 2022


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