This Leadership Brunch Extravaganza will be our first Leadership Brunch for 2018.

Expect a bumper morning packed with acknowledgements and awards of Women’s Ministry leaders, participants and enthusiasts who are doing significant things in the local church, or who would like to get involved in women’s ministry or women-centered outreach activities. As always BRUNCH will be served.

WHERE    Conference Seminar Room | Greater Sydney Conference
9.30 am – Welcome/Worship/Prayer
10.00 am – TBA
10.30 am – Mingle and Network over BRUNCH
11.00 am – TBA
12.00 pm – TBA
12.30 pm – Farewell​
Bring a friend – RSVP Essential! 

For further information please contact: Beryl, beryllanders [at] or Nerise, nerisefehlberg [at]

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